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Your Story Well Told, Your Cause Well Represented

Our vocation is to help you to be heard by those whose opinions matter and whose decisions impact on you.

It was Mark Twain who said “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.” We all love a good story, but often organisations do not have the time to tell theirs properly. Your story is important, as it explains to others why you exist and what you want to achieve. Often its hard to tell your own story without sounding boastful about your achievements or negative about your needs. Often audiences or opinion formers don’t trust your own version of events, and that is why independent advocates are needed. We will speak for you and support your cause.

From lawyers to lobbyists from consultants to copywriters we have the skills on hand to tell your story well. We will look from the outside in, as well as talking to those who know you best and of course listening intently to what you have to say about yourself. That way a complete story can be told, one which is based on fact, insight and knowledge. That story will be crafted to appeal specifically to your audience and will inform, include and inspire them to act.

Your story may be about your charity or community and what they hope to achieve. It may be about your cause or campaign and why it should be supported. It may be a case for funding or a plea to change policy and practice. Or it may be about your culture and heritage as you seek to share it with others. Whatever your story may be we are here to help you tell it well.

Speak To an Advocate TodayHow we Can Represent You

Managing Messages

Helping you prepare and present the right message to your audience - informing, engaging and persuading them.

Accessing Audiences

We will identity and build audiences helping to turn them into actors supporting what you do.

Moving to Multi-Media

We will help you reach audiences through a range of media and methods which will build your brand.

Our Advocacy Services are Rights based, Representative and far Reaching


We represent clients’ interests across a range of issues, from Public Affairs as lobbyists and policy advisors to Public Relations helping to shape wider opinion. Our Legal Services provide support from mediation to litigation. Our aim throughout is to help you have your say.

Representation Services

Public Affairs

From lobbying to litigation we help you inform and improve policy, practice and legislation to advance your agenda for change.

Public Relations

Our strategic communications which will tell your story well helping to positively shape public opinion and effect change.


The starting point for our advocacy is knowledge of your rights, and responsibilities. It is on that basis that we can build your case and ensure that you are treated fairly and receive protection under the law.

Rights Services


We know your rights and will protect them in terms  of equality of resources, protection of reputation and fairness in results


We also ensure you are aware of and comply with your legal and ethical responsibilities to others, to avoid any consequences.


We will help you to reach audiences using a range of media and methods, which will influence and inform them, turning them from audiences to activists.

Reach Services

Reach Out

From branding and marketing to message development and multi-media coverage we will reach out to those around you.

Reach In

Our focus is on internal audiences as we help you to keep members informed, donors involved and the public interested and willing to get onboard.

Browse our Ready Made Solutions and Services

We pride ourselves in being small enough to still do business face to face, getting to know our clients and finding out exactly what the problem is. That allows us to design bespoke solutions and design unique services. Over the years however we have observed that many clients’ problems or needs are similar and when we have crafted a solution that evolves over time becoming tried and tested we keep it in our knowledge bank ready to refine just for you.

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