Help is On its Way but is it too Little too Late?

The much anticipated £15.5M Covid-19 government funding package has received Executive approval and will launch shortly. 

Northern Ireland Charities Still Waiting

In the middle of April it was announced that the Chancellor was allocating £750 Million to help Charities from that Northern Ireland is to…

Funding Update NI: – Stormont Snubs Charities

The recently announced £40m Stormont grants scheme excludes sole traders and many social enterprises whicg could mean that thousands of…

Coronna Guidance: First Steps Back to Normality

Looking at the Northern Ireland Executive’s Road map to a return to normality: “Pathway to Recovery” and its implications for local…

How Academics and The Third Sector Can Work Together

Carnegie Fellow Professor Mark Shucksmith argues that to make an impact on social policy universities must work more closely with civil…

Research Findings – The Role of Knowledge Exchange

This research analysed the incidence, form, effectiveness and impact of knowledge exchange activities between the business and higher…

Knowledge Brokerage in Policymaking – A Welsh Case Study

A look inside a knowledge broker organisation, the Wales Centre for Public Policy, to see how knowledge and evidence is used in…

Origins of the Declaration of Independence: ‘Lex, Rex’

A view from across the Atlantic about the impact of LEX REX on the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence.

Research Paper: The Theology Behind LEX REX

A look at the Theological foundations of LEX REX, showing the explosive combination of faith and politics and its impact today.

Sector Insight – Revisiting The Facing Forward Report

We revisit the 2017 Lloyds Bank Foundation research Work which produced a ground breaking Report into the Future of the Third Sector.