Study tour with a client to get some ideas for community heritage exhibitions

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Share Your Story

Helping You tell your story and promote your local rural heritage.

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Looking Back and Learning

One Year on from the start of Lockdown we reflect on the challenges, the changes, and the future

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Getting through this Together

The Stability and Renewal Programme for Organisations delivered by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, is offering grants of up to £500,000.

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From Blacksmithing to Word Smithing

Our task is to turn this history into a story that visitors can enjoy and engage with, so join us as we walk back in time and see just how history is written. 

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Learning About Democracy

Part of our wider Public Affairs work we would like to introduce clients to UK Parliament week

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On the Right Track – Industrial Heritage in North Antrim

A look at developing Interpretative Strategic and Material for Mid and East Antrim Council's latest Industrial Heritage Trails

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LEXXER Leading the Way in Digital Development

LEXXER learning to lead the way in the digitalisation of heritage to reach new audiences.

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Walking Back in Time

Join us on an exciting journey into the past as we take you on a project with us from start to sucessful finish.

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Keeping Going While Keeping Safe

As organisations get back to the new normal there are a range of challenges facing them, we are here to help in planning and practical steps.

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