Looking Back and Learning

One Year on from the start of Lockdown we reflect on the challenges, the changes, and the future

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Getting through this Together

The Stability and Renewal Programme for Organisations delivered by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, is offering grants of up to £500,000.

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From Blacksmithing to Word Smithing

Our task is to turn this history into a story that visitors can enjoy and engage with, so join us as we walk back in time and see just how history is written. 

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Learning About Democracy

Part of our wider Public Affairs work we would like to introduce clients to UK Parliament week

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On the Right Track – Industrial Heritage in North Antrim

A look at developing Interpretative Strategic and Material for Mid and East Antrim Council's latest Industrial Heritage Trails

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LEXXER Leading the Way in Digital Development

LEXXER learning to lead the way in the digitalisation of heritage to reach new audiences.

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Walking Back in Time

Join us on an exciting journey into the past as we take you on a project with us from start to sucessful finish.

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Keeping Going While Keeping Safe

As organisations get back to the new normal there are a range of challenges facing them, we are here to help in planning and practical steps.

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Getting Back to the New Normal

This week we are excited to be helping clients open up and get back to what they do best. So Speak to one of the team today

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Virtual Cultural Experiences

One of the many changes the recent pandemic has brought is that organisations realise they must digitalise their services.

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