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Representation of your interests lies at the heart of all we do. We give you a voice, and make your case logically, forcefully and persistently to those whose opinion counts. Our range of advocacy services covers all areas where you need to be heard, from the court room to the council chamber, from the tribunal to the trade union meeting, from the international conference to the cosy chat you need with a stakeholder, we know what to say and how to say it.

Litigation, lobbying, launches, lectures or leaders speeches, whatever you need help with, our knowledge based advocacy services will step in. From case preparation, speech writing, communications strategies or copy writing we will ensure that only the audience will be left speechless. Our knowledge based approach means we always know what we are talking about, and make your case our cause.

Our vocation is to help you be heard by those whose opinions and decisions matter to you. It is often a question of helping them to see it through your eyes to understand your perspective and value your contribution. This will only be achieved when you speak their language, which is often foreign and designed to be difficult. Therefore we not only offer services where we speak for you, but support to help you speak for yourself. Either way we never put words in your mouth we simply help you express you own ideas.

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Giving You a Voice

Representation takes many shapes from adversarial arguing of your case, to mediation to resolve a dispute or ensure an outcome which advantageous to you. It can be in person or through an application or bid, whenever you need words, let us work.


One of the most common cases which clients need argued is their need for funding and the wisdom of the proposal they are making. Our experts will make a case for you and argue in on paper or in person.


Government legislation and policy has an effect on every aspect of our lives and many causes, charities and groups wish to effect change, or respond to consultations.


One of our fields of expertise is longer term research based engagement with the media, and in public relations work, with our strategic evidence based approach.

Our Advocacy Services will help you make your Case to those who Matter.



From the area of Human Rights, through to Equality we will ensure that our clients get what they are entitled to as our Public Affairs experts lobby and influence tomorrows laws today.

What is Public Affairs?


Good Public Relations means communicating and shaping opinion by simply helping you to be seen and heard. Often this is telling your side of the story.

Public Relations Work

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We believe in the power of a story well told, but we are not in the business of fairy tales. Our advocacy work begins with listening to you, then building a case grounded on evidence but argues with passion. The story can be of need and how you will address it, or about your cause and how it will make a difference.

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We are in the business of making headlines and we want you to be front page. Have a look at some of stories we broke.