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LEXXER LAW is an exciting effective new way to make the law work for you. We have revolutionised the way legal services are provided, and continue to work with legal professionals and academics to reform the legal services sector in Northern Ireland, and Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

At the core of all we do lies a belief in the right of all to access affordable justice. We believe it is a basic human right, and that it is fundamental to the rule of law, a cornerstone of our constitution and culture. To that end we do more than other legal professionals or those in legal services. While we mean business about law we know it is about more than money.

Our range of legal services cover all areas of practice and offer fresh new ways of doing business. As Government policy and regulation effect every aspect of life for businesses and charities we offer advice and advocacy services to help you know your rights and the responsibilities.

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Giving You a Voice

Representation takes many shapes from adversarial arguing of your case, to mediation to resolve a dispute or ensure an outcome which advantageous to you. It can be in person or through an application or bid, whenever you need words, let us work.


Wee specialise in strategic litigation, lobbying and media relations, taking a long view and bringing a range of skills and stakeholders to the table.


Our legal advice services are a smart alternative to traditional costly litigation and the risks involved, helping your avoid mistakes.


One of our fields of expertise is longer term research based engagement with the media, and in public relations work, with our strategic evidence based approach.



From the area of Human Rights, through to Equality we will ensure that our clients get what they are entitled to as our Public Affairs experts lobby and influence tomorrows laws today.

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Good Public Relations means communicating and shaping opinion by simply helping you to be seen and heard. Often this is telling your side of the story.

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Broaden Your Lawrizons - learn about how the law impacts on your work.

Most people only learn about how the law affects them when its too late, they are either a victim or stand accused of a breach of one law or another. The legal framework envelops every aspect of our work, from recruitment and employment, to providing and receiving goods and services. Equality, Human Rights, data and worker protection are the most common areas where organisations struggle.

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Our Legal Eagles will keep a keen eye out for legal changes which affect you and your organisation allowing you to be forewarned.