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Knowledge based Consultancy Services to Help You Realise Your Organisations Vision.

Our passion is to help organisations realise their vision and their true potential as they drive change.

Benjamin Franklin the American polymath and founding father of the United States famously said “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” As the face of the One Hundred Dollar Bill those words have a certain prophetic and ironic twist. We agree with him and we invest in knowledge and encourage our clients to do so as well in the form of our consultancy and solutions services.

Acting as a broker we match clients with those who possess the knowledge, experience or skills to solve a range of problems. LEXXER’s approach has revolutionized the nature of consulting and solutions offering a new departure in terms of customer satisfaction. We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses, and organisations. We link academics with business, professionals with the people who need them and commercial experience with community and charity sectors. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of these sectors, with close collaboration at all levels of the client organisation. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organisations, and secure lasting results.

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Helping you realise your true potential and achieve your vision and objectives as an organisation or project


We counsel and advise clients making key recommendations in terms of solutions, services or brokering in experts.


We provide a range of research based services which provide information and knowledge on which to base solutions.

Our Consultants will work with you to Turn Your Vision into Reality


Our consultancy services help you realise your goals as a group and your vision as an organisation. From strategic planning project development and management we help you turn vision into reality.

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We plan so that you can succeed offering a range of management and support services.


We match out words of advice and planning work with action as we become part of the team


After listening to you and learning about the problem we offer advice and guidance before recommending solutions and actions. As a broker we recommend others whose skills, experience and knowledge will be an asset to the team.

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Plans & Proposals

We work with you to understand the problem  planing for the future with knowledge based proposals.

Solutions & Skills

Our solutions and services are developed in-house or with the input from a panel of academics, experts and stakeholders.


Our strong academic background makes research a priority as we aim for impact and practical application of all the information we generate and process.

Research Services

Desk Based

Our Quarry approach enables us to mine information and data processing it into a powerful easy to understand format

Field Research

Our qualitative and quantitative methods allow us to undertake research into project impact, the change achieved and what needs you have.

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LEXXER will equip you to face the future, giving you the ability to deal with problems and to foresee those just ahead. Our consultancy services are intelligent and innovative and our approach sensible and affordable.

Our Consultancy Services offer real and lasting benefits to a range of clients across many sectors providing big firm services at small budget prices.

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