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What Exactly is Knowledge Brokerage?

Knowledge Brokerage is a new concept but basically it means connecting people to share knowledge in an organised way aimed at solving problems. Here a number of leaders in international development explain what it is and how it works.

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We basically connect those who know with those who need to know. Many problems can be solved by bridging that knowledge gap. Thats why we say we are in the business of building bridges not re-inventing the wheel. We believe the connection is mutually beneficial, as often those who possess knowledge are seeking ways to apply it.


We help to develop productive effective collaborations. These partnerships allow for a knowledge transfer and ongoing relationship which can shape knowledge generation and create a solution revolution, as businesses and charities can access and utilise quality research and development opportunities which increase their advantage.


The result is a creative innovative space which gives research its place and increased impact, and ensures informed decisions, policy based on proof and analogical reasoning where ideas, solutions and skills from one sector help another in a synergy which will guarantee success.

At LEXXER our business is knowledge and how it can be developed and used commercially. We view it as a valuable commodity, which will give you an advantage in your chosen field. Whether in providing innovative and effective solutions, a range of advice and intervention services or advocacy knowledge underpins all we do. In short we keep you in the KNOW!


Universities, Think Tanks, and Research Bodies generate research, information, insights and inventions which we term knowledge. They must ensure that work is relevant in terms of having impact and can be applied to the real world. This holds the key to funding, interest from students and their overall ranking.Evidencing the impact of academic research as part of Research Excellence Framework (REF) is an important part of academia.  Setting up collaborations with third sector partners may be significant to this work.

The Importance of Knowledge Exchange

Research Targets

From funding and research grants to ensuring the targets for impact and community engagement are met.


Our strategic planning and stakeholder analysis will help researchers find and collaborate with communities of interest and those who will benefit from their work.


Making informed decisions, evidence based policies and reasoned legislation is the key to a successful democracy. From lobbying to linking research to policy we aim the bridge the gaps in governance.

How to Impact Public Policy


Helping researchers improve impact and in turn support for their work is a key part of the process, with insights coming back from the business and third sectors.


Research is ever more target driven and results orientated, which means competition for resources and end use. We work to ensure research makes an impact.

Private Sector

The linkages we help to create between the business and research sectors give both an advantage. The collaboration and mutual benefit is one of the drivers of a successful economy.

How to Impact Public Policy


Many smaller businesses and most charities and third sector organisations lack the capacity to retain research and policy services and skills in-house.


We all have great ideas but how many organisations have the time and skills to develop them to market or application. Proof of Concept, testing and design are often difficult to do while running an organisation.

Third Sector

The least developed area in terms of knowledge transfer, investment in collaboration and partnership is the Third Sector. Despite the obvious parallels between this sector and range of humanities and various social science research.

How the Third Sector Can Be First


While many university departments have an active student placement or knowledge transfer programme between STEM Departments and Industry and Business the same doesn’t exist for the Third Sector.

Program Design

Many charities and community and voluntary sector organisations are in real need of the knowledge, skills and services their local universities can provide.

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We pride ourselves in being small enough to still do business face to face, getting to know our clients and finding out exactly what the problem is. That allows us to design bespoke solutions and design unique services. Over the years however we have observed that many clients’ problems or needs are similar and when we have crafted a solution that evolves over time becoming tried and tested we keep it in our knowledge bank ready to refine just for you.

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