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The Search for Research is Over

Research is at the heart of all we do. It is a process of discovery which is structured and skilled.

Our range of research capabilities will ensure that we will keep you in the know with information, insights and ideas.

We promise to put you in the Know and Keep you there and this means knowing the right person to answer your question provide the information you require and to ask those questions on your behalf.

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Research, the Foundation of Knowledge

The quest for knowledge is what drives us and what we hope will drive your business or organisation to success.


Qualitative research takes you deep into consumer or client understanding and perception – providing valuable insights into your products, and services. Our innovative social science based methodologies use a variety of means to find out more LEXXER’s experience ensures that the research is designed to deliver what you need to meet your business objectives, using evidence-based approaches to let you understand your consumer.


Whether face-to-face or online research is needed, LEXXER can undertake quantitative market research anywhere in the world. This will help you with product or service development and optimisation,helping you to understand consumer or client perceptions. Our analysis and interpretation expertise, we will ensure that the research provides you with the commercial advantage – KNOWLEDGE.



The LEXXER team not only draw upon a database of academics and experts but also a repository of knowledge, research, innovation and solutions which we refer to as our Knowledge QUARRY. Here we can mine and design solutions for you from existing knowledge cutting time and costs. From community history to commercial research we will find what you need.



Our research services underpin all we do as we delve into your sector to discover insights and information which forms the foundation for strategy, communications and development.

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Information is useless unless it is put to work, we specialise in not simply research but how that research can be put into action to have maximum impact.

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Our Research Approach

The LEXXER concept is grounded upon research, which builds upon and connects up work from separate areas in a way that generates new perspectives, fresh insights and innovative methodologies which expand and refine knowledge of a particular problem providing effective solutions.

We have developed our approach to Research with the VARSITY Concept which will ensure research is fit for purpose and geared towards commercial application. We mean business about research and together we can make it pay. VARSITY provides a framework for ensuring world class research. It will focus on:


In the commissioning and development of research value for money, an intrinsic value in the work and a valuable marketable end product will be ensured.


A clear action plan with measurable milestones and outcomes will take research forward and will ensure that it is fit for purpose and will be put into action.


Real world requirements will be applied to ensure that it remains relevant and usable, leading the field with an identifiable objective.  


Research will be required to meet a series of sustainability tests which will ensure that it becomes more self sufficient and self promoting.


The profit made will be reinvested into the research work to provide an incentive for further development and a maximiser effect.


Education and training will be promoted as part of the programme to ensure researchers remain part of a wider academic community.


The potential impact will be assessed and audited with a clear vision for maximising both the audiences and the applications of the work.

Recent Research Projects and Commissions

Our Research Portfolio is eclectic tho say the least, from community history projects to legal research into the origins of the state.

Our VARSITY methodology however is constant as we ensure high quality high impact work.

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Challenges Our Consultants Took On

We like a challenge and we aim to help you solve the problems your organisation faces.