COVID-19 Client Information: Still Here to Help

Thinking about ways to attract and retain young and ambitious talent to your business?  Well maybe it’s time to think outside the box.

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Northern Ireland Charities Appeal for Help

Local charities and social enterprises have appealed to government and the general public to help them survive

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Scottish Third Sector Forecast

We study the 2019 Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) Report into the Third Sector in Scotland

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Shaped by Industry – Shared with Pride.

Local industrial heritage sites are put on the map with The European Route of Industrial Heritage programme.

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Social Enterprises Which Change Lives

Presentation and launch at the Banqueting Hall at Belfast City Hall. The theme was social enterprises which change lives.

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Constitutional Studies: When the Law is Not King

The Supreme Court may ultimately declare the issue to be non-justiciable – but it could then be possible for Boris Johnson to prorogue Parliament for a much longer period.

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Sector Insights – Challenges Facing Charities in 2019

Getting to know what challenges have faced charities in 2019 which will help us build solutions, services and skills for the future.

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Condition Study & Conservation Report

What is it about an employee’s experience of the workplace that keeps them engaged and makes them stay with that employer?

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