Influencing Public Policy Knowledge Brokerage & Exchange in Scotland

A well researched perspective on the use and value of knowledge brokerage in Scotland mapped over a five year period and looking forward.

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Knowledge Brokers in Science – A Case Study in Increasing Impact

Knowledge Brokerage in Science and Healthcare has been around for decades with the first research coming on its real benefits and impact.

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Knowledge Brokerage in Policymaking – A Welsh Case Study

A look inside a knowledge broker organisation, the Wales Centre for Public Policy, to see how knowledge and evidence is used in policymaking.

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Solution Revolution

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The Role of the Courts in our Constitution

The differing opinions of the Scottish and English Courts reopen the debate on how our Constitution is balanced and operated.

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Origins of the Declaration of Independence: ‘Lex, Rex’

A view from across the Atlantic about the impact of LEX REX on the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence.

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Research Paper: The Theology Behind LEX REX

A look at the Theological foundations of LEX REX, showing the explosive combination of faith and politics and its impact today.

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The Importance of Public Trust

We revisit the 2017 Lloyds Bank Foundation produced a ground breaking Report into the Future of the Third Sector.

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Sector Insight – Revisiting The Facing Forward Report

We revisit the 2017 Lloyds Bank Foundation research Work which produced a ground breaking Report into the Future of the Third Sector.

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Department for Communities Release Covid-19 Response

Department for Communites have released their Covid-19 Community Plan which will offer some guidance and support to the Community and Voluntary Sector at this time.

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