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Often third sector organisations lack the competitiveness and efficiency of their private sector counterparts. They often evolve to meet a need or support a cause and the organisation is always a second thought. Charities are our business and we make it our business to make charities better.

Being in the third sector does mean you have to be third rate, and being a voluntary group does not mean you have to be an amateur organisation. We use our knowledge of the private and public sector to help third sector groups.

Whatever the cause, the results are what counts, and no amount of wishful thinking or woolly words will compensate for an organisation or project which cannot set clear objectives and then demonstrate how they have achieved or exceeded them.

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Delivering Results for You

Results driven strategies are often new to third sector groups, with research showing a lack of strategic direction and management.


Our Results Driven approach will focus on ensuring that you have the right resources in place to achieve your goals. A lack of resources particularly funding can become a vicious circle. We will help you draw down funding and then develop, deploy and deliver sucessful projects.


The Management and development of your organisation and its policies, practices and processes will improve your results and ensure that the cause or community your service will benefit. We will make you fit for purpose.


The outcomes, the deliverables and the change that is effected is the product of your work. We will look at how you can deliver better product and how you can promote that success or understand any shortcomings through quality evaluations.

Our Solutions and  Services focus on Resources and Reputation ensuring Results



The best results are achieved by planning and research. We will work with you to envision and then implement a strategic plan which is results orientated, and easy to manage.

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Unlike many consultancy firms we do not just help you get funding then move on, we work with you every step of the way as you deploy the project. Supporting your with marketing, management and monitoring.

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Our range of project management services will help you deliver, our knowledge brokerage will provide services and skills you do not have in-house, and our evaluation services will help you monitor and promote your sucess.

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We pride ourselves in being small enough to still do business face to face, getting to know our clients and finding out exactly what the problem is. That allows us to design bespoke solutions and design unique services. Over the years however we have observed that many clients’ problems or needs are similar and when we have crafted a solution that evolves over time becoming tried and tested we keep it in our knowledge bank ready to refine just for you.

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