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A Lack of Resources is the Main Problem Charities and Community Groups Face

Research in the Third Sector consistently highlights a lack of resources in terms of revenue, staff and volunteers alongside the wider political, policy and social-economic circumstances as being the key challenges.

We refer to all these issues as resources, since they are needed to help organisations achieve their goals. Many see money as the problem, we however feel the first item on the agenda should always be people. Our People before Pounds approach may seem counterintuitive to an organisation which is struggling financially however we always advise clients to focus on the human resource issues first.

Our first step is to look at your situation and what the resource situation is and then tackle the problem strategically, rather than just chasing funding or trying to grab volunteers. Its often hard to look fore organisations to assess themselves, so let us look from the outside in, then come onboard to help you address whatever problems you face.

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Common Challenges

Our sector-wide research and knowledge based insights give us a clear idea of the common challenges and issues facing charities and community based groups. It also gives us a good vantage point to see what will work for you. Research shows us the following trends.



Funding Uncertainty Post BREXIT, with increased pressure on other funding sources.



A high percentage or groups were concerned even after a restoration of devolution



Organisations indicated audience, membership and volunteer issues.



Many smaller groups are concerned that they cannot move online easily.


One of the main problems clients face is loss of revenue and resources from failure in a grant application or a failed product or service.


Third Sector organisations’ greatest asset is the people they engage, and include. From audiences and beneficiaries to staff, volunteer and trustees.


By place we do not simply mean the physical location in terms of office space or community but the online or digital presence.

Our Solutions and  Services focus on Resources and Reputation ensuring Results


PEOPLE - Human Resources & Audience Development

Finding, then developing and managing audiences, activists and actors can be difficult and time consuming. Getting it wrong can be costly.

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PECUNIARY -Fundraising &   Financial Services

The need for grant aid or fundraising support to help organisations survive is a key problem for all.

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PLACE - Where you operate in real time or on-line

Our location solutions will help you make the best out of where ever you are. From office and architectural heritage issues to digital solutions and online offerings.

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We pride ourselves in being small enough to still do business face to face, getting to know our clients and finding out exactly what the problem is. That allows us to design bespoke solutions and design unique services. Over the years however we have observed that many clients’ problems or needs are similar and when we have crafted a solution that evolves over time becoming tried and tested we keep it in our knowledge bank ready to refine just for you.

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