Reputation is a real asset which needs to be protected and developed.

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Any amount of situations and circumstances can damage or destroy organisational reputation

Reputation is the watchword of charities and businesses everywhere these days. Like it or not, we live in a reputation economy, where the perceptions of other people matter hugely. But in an era when we’re being constantly judged, how can charities better protect and enhance their reputations?

Damage to organisational reputation can result from a crisis or circumstance which is often beyond your control such as a data breach. However being able to identify, mitigate and then manage risks will assist in protecting reputation. Equally reputation can suffer due to a lack of investment in public relations. Not identifying and addressing the opinions and expectations of stakeholders and audiences leads to a slow decline in reputation.

Whatever the cause, the results are equally as damaging as those whose opinions matter to how we operate, where we attract support and ultimately our success can be lowered. They often simply move on, supporting a new cause, volunteering for a new charity or working for someone else.

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Sector wide Fears

Our sector-wide research and knowledge based insights show that despite the damage to reputation being listed as the top long term risk for third sector groups a majority did not have long term plans to deal with it.


Reputation Damage Medium Term

The fifth highest scoring medium term risk identified by groups was damage to reputation.


Long Term Risks

This rose to become the highest scoring identified risk in the long term.


Lack of Preparedness

Over three quarters or organisations felt that they had not adequate protection for reputation.


No Strategic Planning

Many smaller groups admitted they did not have strategic plans in place.


Damage to organisational reputation leads to a decrease in donations and may even lead to the withdrawal of funding.


The opinions and expectations of a range of stakeholders matter. If they lack confidence or have concerns many will walk away.


Your position in your chosen sector or local area, as an agent of change, an opinion former or leader could be challenged.

Our Solutions and  Services focus on Resources and Reputation ensuring Results



Developing, managing  and maintaining the reputation of a cause or charity is the key to ensuring public support in terms of donations and activism.

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Communities in the sense of a local area or a group of like minded individuals need to develop their reputation positively by telling their story.

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For businesses the protection of reputation is vital, with recent online challenges such as reviews or traditional questions on quality.

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