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Changes in the law, new government policy or regulations all offer challenges for businesses and organisations. While we can’t promise to predict the future we can help you plan for change before it happens.

Getting ahead can often mean getting to know first in order to plan and prepare. The old saying ‘to be forewarned is to be forearmed’ is very true and it is what guides us in providing legal and policy forecasting and future proofing advise and guidance.

Even when new legislation or regulation is introduced it is wise to study and devise a strategy to respond to it. It is possible to test or challenge it through the courts or to mitigate its effects or manage the impact. We will help you look at how it impacts your business or organisation and answer questions and help with your corporate response.

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How Can We Predict and Prepare for New Laws, Policy and Regulations

When we think of law we think of rules passed down from time immemorial, of law written in stone, which remains unchanged for generations. It is something many people rely on as a constant. However nothing could be further from the truth.

New laws are written at a staggering rate, with the Devolved Governments adding to the factory of legislation, as Government controls in greater detail greater areas of our lives and work. Old laws are revised and amended and the resultant policy and regulations which are required to ensure law has effect continues at a staggering rate.

Laws are enacted by the Westminster Parliament and by Acts and Measures passed by devolved bodies in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. An average of 33 UK Acts of Parliament were passed annually from 2006 to 2018, however despite being prorogued for a period there were 48 nw laws passed in 2019.

From 2000 to 2018, the Scottish Parliament passed an average of 14 Acts each year. The National Assembly of Wales has passed 62 Acts and Measures since 2008.  The Northern Ireland Assembly passed 173 Acts from 2000 to its suspension in 2017.

While most people imagine Bills being debated through long argument filled sessions in the two Houses of Parliament the reality is that 100 times the amount of law is fired through with little of no debate or scrutiny. Secondary Legislation mostly Statutory Instruments (SIs) are usually issued by Ministers under the powers granted by Acts of Parliament. An average of 3,000 UK SI were issued annually from 2010 to June 2019. There have been an average of 399 SI issued by Scottish Ministers each year from 1999 to June 2019.

The result is that each year around 4000 new laws come into force. they regulate every aspect of our lives from the family home to the conduct of the nations foreign affairs. Many have accompanying policy and regulations, and sanctions for their infraction.

Then on top of this avalanche of legislation is the meaning applied and the effect given by thousands of court judgments each year building up a complex body of case law. This jurisprudence interprets, defines, and applies the law as well as activating the sanctions which can lead to crippling fines and even the loss of liberty.

Seeing what new laws are being proposed and receiving advice on how they will impact on you is crucial for business owners or those involved in running an organisation or charity. Let us look at what is coming over the horizon with our Lawrizon Services.

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Forewarned is Forearmed

We cant exactly predict the future, but our Parliament Monitor and experience of Public Affairs will help you see what is coming down the line in terms of legislation. This will help you prepare and plan to manage and mitigate the impact.

When law is enacted or policy developed we will help you understand it and what it means for you and your organisation. It can often be complex and hard to apply to real life situations. It can also be general and will require testing and interpretation by the courts.

Our Lawrizon Services will help you each step of the way, and our wider Public Affairs Services will help you influence policy and inform legislation.

Our Guidance and Advice Papers look at how the law can be interpreted and applied in practical terms they will answer questions and help you plan your response.

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Using Knowledge to Give You the Advantage through


Sound Research and Stakeholder Insights which will form the basis of informed reasoning and decision making


Based on our research we will help tell the story online with a fully interactive online museum and library.


Knowledge brokerage involves build a team with different skills sets to solve a problem.

Helping You Respond to Changes in Law and Policy

We will work with you to look at changes in legislation and their impact on you and your business. Looking at the practical implications and effects.

LEGAL GUIDANCE - How to get Back to Work Safely

Helping local businesses and organisations respond to the fast changing Government Guidance and Legislation relating to the Coronna Virus. From the lock down restrictions to remote working we are helping local firms and groups to keep going and to survive the crisis. Understanding the new laws and guidelines and being able to repond quickly will give them the advantage.