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History Books have always had the reputation for being boring and dusty. While the history geeks we work with would disagree strongly the LEXXER Team regularly faces the challenge of making history modern and interesting.

Our starting point is History should be more story less history, and with that in mind we love telling a good story. One solution to the problem of people not wanting to turn the pages of their history books is to take history to a new page – an online page.

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How can a Thousand Year Old Organisation Present its History Online to New Audiences?

Their story begins in the Middle Ages, born from the Crusades they have survived in various forms for almost a thousand years, but how can they present their past in a future looking way?

With a history that is itself contentious and with a reduced membership it is an organisation which needs to tell its story to new audiences in a new way.

Its members feel they are custodians of a great tradition of service and sacrifice, but are often misunderstood. The challenge is to tell their story honestly and authentically in a world where audiences work on thirty second sound bites not thousand year lineages.

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From Knights to Right Now

LEXXER Solutions have been engaged as historic consultants by the Ancient and Illustrious Order of Knights of Malta, to conduct organisational research, curate their heritage assets and produce a website housing an online museum, library and information point for the organisation.

This is a long term commission, after all putting a thousands years of history together cant be don’t overnight. The website has been launched in a beta format, in order to stimulate interest and assist in the curation process.

Follow the journey as we tell this incredible story of service and sacrifice.

How We Help

Using Knowledge to Give You the Advantage through


Sound Research and Stakeholder Insights which will form the basis of informed reasoning and decision making


Based on our research we will help tell the story online with a fully interactive online museum and library.


Knowledge brokerage involves build a team with different skills sets to solve a problem.

Knowledge Gives Advantage

The first step is always sound research, to look at what knowledge exists and who is in the know. We bring the best insights and information to the table.

Our Pages of History - Online Services

Our history and heritage consultancy services helped research and present the Thousand Year history of the Knights of Malta online.

The exciting new website will act as an information point for the Order promoting its principles and events, keeping members and the general public up to date, and telling its story to new audiences.