AIMS - Our Heritage Planning and Development Service

Heritage surrounds us from the language and music we enjoy to the ancient castles and sites which mark our landscape and punctuate our history. Heritage is something we value and forms part of who we are, a page in our collective story and something we wish to pass on to future generations as a means of helping them understand where they came from.

However that process doesn’t not simply happen, heritage has to be identified, managed and preserved lest it is lost. It also has to be understood and interpreted in a way which gives it meaning to the present. It is more than simply history it is an asset, a treasure which needs to be protected. Sometimes we can hold it, visit it or experience it in a tangible way, but often it is more than the tangible, it is a way of doing things, it can be legend and folklore as often as hard historical facts.

Whatever heritage means to you, from our experience we know the hard work that is involved in heritage. While it may look natural, or lasting it is often a daily struggle to protect and promote it. Many individuals and organisations find themselves custodians of heritage, from a crumbling building which is not longer in use, to a skill or style that is dying out. It can a difficult lonely and thankless task but we are here to help.

We aim to help you succeed through our AIMS Programme, which will work with you each step of the way as you turn a heritage liability into an asset for all to enjoy.

AIMS Services
Advocacy & Consultancy Services

How Can We Make Heritage Work

Over the last few years an increasing number of Heritage and Cultural Tourism Projects have been supported by the LEXXER Team. They are often unique and educational projects which aim to develop new audiences. They each begin with a passionate individual or organisation approaching us with a problem, often regarding how to fund and develop a heritage asset which has become a liability. From old buildings or overgrown trails the solution involves finding the resources to turn them around from failing estate farms to community museums and collections we will work with you to give the past a future.

We have studied the sector, and its potential and developed a range of bespoke heritage based services which will assist those who are custodians of heritage assets. We will provide the skills, services and support to protect, preserve and promote the heritage assets of a range of groups and communities as well as commercial clients such as landed estates, trusts and other companies which have an interest in the past.

Our AIMs Service looks at


We will help you to asses how best to preserve, promote and protect  the assets you have been entrusted with. We help you turn history into your story and to make it engaging and education through cutting edge technology.


Find Out How we can Give Your Past a FutureHow Can Heritage Work for You
Knowledge Brokerage - Consultancy Services

AIMS to Succeed

We believe that History should be about Your Story, each building, artefact, community or custom has its own story to tell. We simply help you tell it in a way that interests and inspires new audiences allowing them to access and benefit from the heritage you have. We love meeting people with passion for the past, and helping them to open that up to the public.

We provide a full service from research to restoration planning, from funding to finding volunteers. We realise that looking after a heritage property, or struggling to keep a skill or custom alive can take up all your time, which is why we help provide a full range range of advice, support and consultancy services to help with all the other work needed to help you realise your vision.

We will match your passion and put your knowledge to good use as we help you tell your story well. This will in turn inspire and inform others who we believe will develop from being audiences into activists ensuring that the work you are doing continues.

How We Help

Bringing the Past to Life


Sound Research and Stakeholder Insights which will form the basis of informed reasoning and decision making


Based on our research we will help tell the story online with fully interactive digital solutions like online museum and apps.


Knowledge brokerage involves build a team with different skills sets to solve a problem.


Our AIMS Programme

The AIMS Programme aims to help you reach new audiences with an exciting story, but that requires planning and preparation as well as the resources to help make that happen 

Asset Audits, Access and Audience Development

Interpretation, Information and Education Development

Management, Maintenance and Marketing of Assets

Strategic Development and Sustainability Planning

Helping You to Turn a Liability into ands Asset

We will work with you to develop the heritage assets improving access and interest with new audiences. Our skills will help you draw down the necessary resources to turn your dream for the property or the community heritage project into a reality which future generations can enjoy.

AIMS for the Future

Our heritage experts, tour and trail specialists and digital gurus will look at how best to develop that you have. We engage in research to look at the site or situation and develop an audit of the assets involved and how they can be interpreted to reach new audiences with an exciting blend of interpretive and educational material using traditional and digital media. The starting point is to discover the story that hard to be told then we will make sure it is a compelling tale that grips audiences young and old.